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Leanne Parker, Owner & DVM

Dr. Leanne Parker is the owner, president, and head veterinarian of AM/PM Animal Hospital. In 1994, Dr. Parker graduated from Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine with the honor of magna cum laude. Her years of experience in combination with her compassionate nature and leadership qualities guide our hospital team in offering outstanding care to clients and their pets.

Her career in veterinary medicine began on the Texas Gulf Coast in 1994. After moving to Austin in 1996, Dr. Parker soon became the lead associate veterinarian at AM/PM Animal Hospital. Several years later, in 2002, she purchased the practice and has been dedicated to its growth and success ever since.

Dr. Parker realized she wanted to work with animals at a young age. She recalls, “My family’s dachshund had several serious illnesses when I was a child. I remember feeling so powerless and wanting to be able to help him. When he would come home from the vet, he was like new again and I thought, ‘what a great profession!’ What could be better than caring for pets all day and helping them get healthy? It seemed like an amazing job to me and it is.”

Before attending veterinary school, in 1990, Dr. Parker earned her bachelor’s degree in biomedical science with the honor of summa cum laude from Texas A&M University. While working towards her degree, she proudly received the Gathright Award for two consecutive years for earning the highest grade point average in her major.

With the dream of becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Parker started working with the kennel staff at a local veterinary hospital for her first job. One of the technicians sensed her enthusiasm and quickly took her under her wing. Dr. Parker explains, “She helped me learn how to run tests, prepare for surgery, and so much else. It was so interesting and she made everything fun to learn.”

An avid volunteer, Dr. Parker volunteers her time with PALS (Pets Assisting the Lives of Seniors) and she also supplies donations to support Austin Pets Alive. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and has professional interests in internal medicine and dermatology.

At home, Dr. Parker and her husband, Owen, share a home with their sweet canine companion, Darby. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and traveling.

Kelcie Theis, DVM

Dr. Kelcie Theis is an Associate Veterinarian at AM/PM Animal Hospital. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas. Dr. Theis went on to pursue her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama. She graduated with magna cum laude honors, a reflection of her love for veterinary medicine and drive to serve her clients and their pets with the most skilled and dependable hands.

Dr. Theis has areas of professional interest in emergency medicine, internal medicine, and Theriogenology.

Dr. Theis has over ten years of experience working in the veterinary field, and has worked in every hospital role. She started out as a kennel technician and worked her way up to being a veterinary assistant; next, she attended veterinary school, and finally achieved her career goal of being a veterinarian. At AM/PM Animal Hospital, Dr. Theis is grateful for the community vibe and the willingness of everyone to fill multiple roles to get the job done.

Outside of the hospital environment, she enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, thrifting, and water activities, like paddle boarding, kayaking, and boating. She is also a fan of trying new restaurants and, presently, El Alma and Juiceland are her top picks in Austin.

Dr. Theis favors the Shih Tzu breed, bird dogs, and nice cats. Her first forever friends were a black Labrador named Bailey and a Parakeet named Casper. Currently, she has a German Shorthaired Pointer named Scout, who despite her size, can squeeze into any space or bed no matter how small.

Brianna Mundahl, DVM

Dr. Brianna Mundahl is an Associate Veterinarian at AM/PM Animal Hospital. Dr. Mundahl has always had a love for the sciences. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science with minors in Biology and Chemistry from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Upon realizing a career in veterinary medicine was the right path for her, Dr. Mundahl earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island in May 2013.

Dr. Mundahl started her career as a veterinarian in May 2012. She has areas of professional interest in feline medicine and surgery.

Dr. Mundahl has lived in the Austin, Texas area on and off for her whole life. Most recently, Dr. Mundahl moved back to Austin in January 2018, and in between moves she’s lived in Georgetown, TX, Waco, TX, Charlottetown, PEI, Bangor, ME, and League City, TX.

Dr. Mundahl can’t take the cuteness when she sees a Ragdoll or Sheltie. At home, Dr. Mundahl has two dogs named Tonka and Buford, and four cats named Jenks, Zephyr, Chubbs, and Raoul Amur. Fun fact: Tonka, her Shepherd mix, rolls over for exams and bloodwork. He is every veterinarian’s dream patient!

In her free time, Dr. Mundahl enjoys crocheting, baking, painting, and spending time with her husband and pet family. As a Texas native, she is also a lover of Tex Mex, with Italian coming in as a close second.

Danielle Chapman, DVM

Dr. Danielle Chapman was born and raised in London, England before moving to California as a teenager.

She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, and went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University. In the process, she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian.

A highly experienced veterinarian with 16 years of experience, Dr. Chapman has practiced in various cities across the world, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and New York. She was also a  house call veterinarian in Los Angeles and Manhattan, NY. 

Dr. Chapman is committed to staying current with the latest in veterinary medicine, and regularly attends continuing education conferences throughout the year. She is a member of a number of relevant bodies, including AVMA, SCVMA, VMA NYC, and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK.

Dr. Chapman currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and daughter, plus her doggy, Bella. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga and she is also a certified yoga teacher. Dr. Chapman also loves to hike, box, play tennis, and travel.

Fun fact: Dr. Chapman’s little terrier mix, Bella, has traveled with her across the world and even has her own passport!

Sara Davila, General Manager

Have you ever had a boss that makes you laugh, feel very comfortable with everything, runs the place effortlessly (seemingly), is stern when necessary, super knowledgeable, incredibly passionate about her job and has the greatest taste in music? That is just the type of human AM/PM was blessed with as our General Manager with Sara. Sara is what we like to refer to as an O.G here at the hospital. She has been rocking the place along side Dr. Parker since May of 1999! That is before Dr. Parker even owned the practice. Her responsibilities range far and wide. She may be the boss but she is never above stepping into any and all roles in the hospital. Primarily she oversees all of the workings of the clinic but she is initially a technician and then fills in absolutely everywhere she is needed. Sara’s most unique and greatly appreciated attributes are her strength, in many ways, and the ability to ease stressful situations with staff, clients and even the pets. We call her “the cat whisperer”.

Sara is one that knew her calling even in her tender child years. The goal was to work with animals and there was no obstacle life could throw that would put a halt on that dream. Animal related jobs are the only kind that she knows. Since her high school years, she started in kennel positions and eventually trained to become a master vet tech.

Pets? Of course! There is the oldest of the bunch, geriatric “Gillestina” the domestic shorthaired cat, “Sioux Foote” the pitbull and “Junius” the german shepherd. She tells us, “Both dogs came from difficult situations and we were able to adopt them and give them a second chance to be terribly spoiled. The cat is just lucky because she runs the roost”. Her husband and her enjoy movies and taking the dogs out to the lake. Between the couple they have an army of siblings, nieces, nephews and family in general which they love to spend time watching sports with and just having a good time all together. But above all, traveling, when possible, is what the two lovebirds look forward to the most. Sara truly loves her job and the staff, which she refers to as “her babies” and boy, do we love her back. As a matter of fact, when is her next vacation day? Can we make that happen soon.

Jessica Urias, Hospital Supervisor/Veterinary Medic

Our in-house bookworm and Hospital Supervisor, Jessica is one of the most essential people in the place. As if being a Veterinary Medic wasn’t hard enough, she has the responsibility of hiring and training all new medics. But it definitely does not end there, she also helps, supports and guides the staff as a whole, is the inventory guru, all general medic duties and the most excellent patient care. As soon as she earned her Associate’s Degree she jumped right into the vet world and has been working hard for over a decade. From a kennel tech to her current boss lady role, she is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the hospital. She fell in love with emergency animal medicine very quickly, she says “I could not see myself doing anything else. The relationships I get to build with the patients are priceless”.

At home, Jessica has her two dogs, a long-haired old man dachshund named “Toko” and a crazy blue-eyed “Sadie”. As aforementioned, Jessica is an avid reader that devours one book right after the other. She is a great mom who values spending time with her family and watching her sons grow into little men. Her mom skills come in handy at the hospital too.

Vanessa Estala, Veterinary Assistant/Media Supervisor

Vanessa is way more than just a good head of hair, she is AM/PM Animal Hospital’s very own Media Supervisor and Veterinary Assistant Supervisor. Vanessa has been working her way up to big dog status with AM/PM since 2007.

As a Veterinary Assistant Supervisor she is responsible for training, guiding and teaching Veterinary Assistants all of the ropes. Being a Veterinary Assistant is a very demanding job. Training someone everything they need to know to be great at that, while still working as a Veterinary Medic takes a tough, capable and highly responsible candidate; which is why we are lucky to have Vanessa on our team. Under her guidance, V.A’s have thrived, become more confident employees and even moved up in the chain and become Veterinary Medics. As for her role as Media Supervisor, she provides general guidance and instruction for our media efforts.

The total love for animals is a lifestyle, if you ask Vanessa how many pets she has, her response is, “We have 2… Actually 4… 5… 6, we definitely have 6 animals. My husband just says it’s too many”. Her family consists of 1 husband Damian, a 10 year old bichon named “Miss Tina Tula”, an 8 year old pitbull, “Cash”, 3 senior cats, “Mae”, “Gavin” and “Lux”, a younger kitty, “Leeloo” and now a brand new little human boy of her very own!

With so much to do at work and all that love waiting for her at home, it is only natural that her favorite things to do are hang out with her family, listen to vinyl and paint at her house on her free time. Enjoy that relax time, Vane, you deserve it!

Janice, Veterinary Medic

Janice obtained an Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology in 2012. She has professional interests in ophthalmology, intensive care, and large animal medicine.

As an Austin native, one of Janice’s favorite parts about working at AM/PM Animal Hospital is forming positive relationships with clients and their pets. She also enjoys working on tricky cases, and seeing a patient’s condition improve and knowing she helped him or her to regain their health and happiness. To her, this is the most rewarding experience of all.

Janice shares a home with her two children, along with Lulu, a senior Chihuahua, and Share Bear, a hamster. A few of Janice’s favorite things include dancing, listening to music, and the Red Golden Retriever breed. If you’re in town and looking for good Mexican food and even better margaritas, Janice highly recommends visiting Jardin Corona. You won’t be disappointed!

Meredith, Veterinary Medic

Oh Meredith, our tall little traveler. Before coming back to work with us Meredith took a small year break back to her hometown in New Jersey. But how could she live without us, right? Really, we were ecstatic to have her back. She left as a Veterinary Assistant and came back into training as a Veterinary Medic and we are beyond happy that she did. “Mer”, as we like to call her, has proved to be a great asset to the team as a tech and she continues to learn and strives to become a better Medic. Her attitude with clients and patients is always great. 10 years in the animal-related field has definitely given her the tools to excel in the hospital. She’s done it all from boarding, daycare, pet sitting, dog walking, and now this and she has done it in multiple cities and states.

Other than her skills at her position at AM/PM, Mer has some sweet dance moves and is a diehard Greenbay Packers fan and that is no secret, you can find it on her arm. Needless to say, football is one of her pleasures along with reading, camping, checking out new breweries, listening to records on the porch and tubing with her lab/ border collie mix, Sir Augustus, or Augie for short. He is a regular visitor at work and everyone loves him and he is included in most things Mer does. She also has an eight-year-old long-haired cat, Loki, at home and they are her loves. We are glad to have Meredith back and are happy that she enjoys being a part of the team too.

Rachel, Veterinary Medic

Rachel grew up in Amarillo, Texas and has found a second home at AM/PM Animal Hospital. She is motivated by the team mentality and collective goal to care for the patients to the absolute best of their abilities. She has a professional interest in phlebotomy.

Outside of the hospital environment, Rachel enjoys drawing and cooking. Her favorite foods of all are noodles and cheese, especially when they’re together.

Rachel is married and has a special place in her heart for black cats and the Whippet dog breed. At home, Rachel has a black cat named Noctis, who she bottle-fed since he was a tiny baby. She also has a Bengal cat named Haruko and a completely neurotic, but even more endearing, Heeler/Whippet dog named Cricket.

Tammy, Veterinary Medic

Oh Tammy, our silly overnight Veterinary Medic is a bit of the shy sort until she is not. Tammy Archer Bole works extra hard both here and other veterinary practices and has a sassy funny personality and a cool middle name. Tammy has been working in the animal field for over seven years and has been with us since July of 2016 and we could not be more pleased. She has worked out in Silicon Valley at the Humane Society, in many general vet practices but her favorite by far is emergency hospitals.

She does have two adorable dogs who own her heart, a Havanese pair named “Banksy” and “Lolly” who are both 6 years old. Her little ones are a big part of her free time. They often go out to the dog park and generally just enjoy the sunlight together since Tammy doesn’t get to see much of it with her shifts. Just give this girl some coffee, good tunes, sitting lakeside with her pups and it’s a good time for her.

Gracie, Veterinary Medic

Gracie was born and raised in Texas. She has a positive, go-getter attitude in the workplace and is always eager to learn more and do her job to the best of her abilities– even when it involves learning to fail. Gracie has a special interest in exotic pet medicine.

To Gracie, it’s impossible to choose a favorite breed. Instead, it’s all about personality. Gracie’s first pet, Little Rainbow Butterfly was a beautiful feline Torti, and provided her with 16 years of irreplaceable companionship. Gracie has an eclectic pet family, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She has two dogs, Mallatatha and Lowbacca, two feline friends, Padawan and Levkomimous, two senior horses, two box turtles, and two domestic rats, Madeline & Macy. All of her pets have mastered a very special trick: eating faster than most.

A few of Gracie’s favorite pastimes include drawing, singing, and reading. She is also an avid Star Wars fan and volunteers her time at her church helping her neighbors with Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

Melissa, Veterinary Medic

Melissa earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and uses that knowledge to care for pets. She is proud to be part of the wonderful hospital team at AM/PM Animal Hospital.

On the flipside, Melissa is a part of the Army National Guard where she enlisted NCO. Recently she graduated from Airborne school out of Fort Benning, Georgia. There she earned her wings and the right to call herself a paratrooper. She will continue to serve her country for 6 more years. We thank her for her service.

Melissa grew up in Weslaco before relocating to Austin. Her first forever friend was a feline named Tigger, and now she has another feline friend named Amelia. Amelia knows only two tricks – how to attack her legs and keep her awake at night. In her free time, Melissa enjoys running and reading.

Devinne, Veterinary Medic

Devinne grew up in Anna Maria, Florida, and attended the State College of Florida. She relocated to the Austin area in 2018 and has proven to be a valuable addition to the AM/PM Animal Hospital team for her strong communication skills and ability to put stressed pets and pet owners at ease.

She is a foster parent with Austin Pets Alive and, thanks to her compassion, she has helped many dogs find their forever families. Ollie, a smooth-haired Border Collie from the Humane Society, was Devinne’s very first forever friend. Presently, she is a proud dog mom to Gilligan, a lab rescue from Tampa, and Grizzly, a Terrier mix. In her free time, Devinne enjoys practicing yoga, running, traveling, and attending live music events.

Morgan, Veterinary Medic

Morgan is a Veterinary Medic at AM/PM Animal Hospital on her way to becoming a veterinarian. She is presently completing her pre-vet bachelor’s degree, and will soon attend veterinary school. Passionate about veterinary medicine, Morgan has areas of professional interest in radiology and emergency medicine, making AM/PM Animal Hospital a fantastic place for her to learn and grow.

Morgan is loved by animals and people alike. Not only is she a skilled veterinary medic, she also has a knack for making people laugh. She’s a hit with clients and her co-workers alike.

Morgan moved to Austin, Texas in 2006 after growing up in Chicago. She is loving life in Austin– the only thing missing is the Chicago hot dog. (She might not admit it, but food from Casa de Luz Restaurant comes in as a close second.)

Morgan brings high-energy to the table. Not only is this perfect for the busy and intense hospital environment, but also her favorite pastimes– cycling, wakeboarding, and swimming. Sadie, a Portuguese Water Dog, was Morgan’s first pet. Now, she has multiple furry friends: Jersey (Labrador mix), Frances (Old English Sheepdog mix), Henry (Aussie), and Louise and Benny (DSH).  Morgan doesn’t prefer one breed over another, but she favors a needy pet that always wants some loving.

Shana, Senior Veterinary Assistant

It took a straight 20-hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona in a small hatchback with two dogs and three cats to get Shana over to Austin and onto our team. The passengers on this drive were Doyle, the old cattle dog, Charleigh a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix, Brutus a seven-year-old tabby, Snowball the young Bombay mix and Joel the cat who ended up being the one pet that tested her patience on her extended drive. Aside from her own herd of pets, Shana has had quite a bit of experience in the magnificent world of the animals. Since 2012 she has worked, in her hometown, doing grooming and as a pet adoption counselor. As a Senior Veterinary Assistant, she has to use her previous knowledge and has had to learn much more in the quick, emergency setting. Although there is a lot to do with such a position, Shana seems to be learning quickly and likes that she learns something new almost every day here.

Aside from her love of animals, Shana has a bit of a relationship with shuffleboard, for she is an undefeated player. Just one of the hobbies she stays true to. She also enjoys exploring Austin with friends and taking photos of the beautiful city. We are glad she is here now and she seems to be enjoying the city as well as working here too. “It’s a great place to learn all different cases and situations.” she recently expressed, “We have a really great group of people who are compassionate and patient.”

Laurie, Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Autumn, Veterinary Assistant

Autumn is a new face in the Austin, Texas area. She grew up in Houston before finding a happy home in Austin in the summer of 2018. Autumn has an insatiable craving for Mexican cuisine and sushi, and is always ready to visit Sushi Zushi for a good meal.

Autumn has a zest for the outdoors and enjoys spending her free time hiking and enjoying nature. You may also find her creating art or watching her favorite movies, like Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, and Beetlejuice, to name a few.

A female Calico named Callie was Autumn’s very first forever friend. Presently, she is a pet parent to a Siamese mix named Ghost and a German Shepherd Pitbull mix named Dex. Ghost is a super smart kitty who can even open doors!

Autumn is a lover of all animals, but has a special place in her heart for German Shepherds and Border Collies. After working in the veterinary field for several years, she most enjoys having a second family at work. She is always happy to be at the hospital helping clients and their pets alongside her coworkers no matter how crazy the day may get.

Rachel, Veterinary Assistant

Rachel has a love for human and veterinary medicine. She is currently attending Surgery Technical School for human healthcare while working as a Veterinary Assistant at AM/PM Animal Hospital. Seeing Pitbulls and orange tabby cats visit AM/PM Animal Hospital always makes Rachel’s days.

Rachel enjoys the wide variety of tasks she performs on a daily basis, such as cardiology and interpreting EKG vitals. She also likes working with emergency cases and learning how to stay calm and help the pet in need.

Rachel grew up in New Jersey and brought her love for Italian food with her to Austin, Texas. Her first pet was a feline named Cinnamon, who was a loved member of her family from kindergarten until her first year of college. Presently, Rachel has a black cat named Barron, a fluffy grey and white cat named Scooter, and an Australian Shepherd mix named Beth. In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her partner, their pet family, and cooking.

Alicia, Veterinary Assistant

Alicia is currently studying business at Austin Community College with the dream of using her degree to open a veterinary practice or business of her own. Alicia is learning a lot about the business field, but is already an expert at loving and cuddling animals– especially all of the adorable pets at AM/PM Animal Hospital.

Alicia has made several moves in her life. She was born in Laredo, Texas, grew up in Joplin, Missouri, and has spent the last ten years as a happy Austin, Texas resident. Out of all the great places to eat in Austin, she can’t get enough of the restaurant Pluckers. Delicious Mexican food and Italian cuisines are also up Alicia’s alley.

Chico, a Chiweenie, was Alicia’s first pet and absolute love of her life. Sadly, Chico passed away in 2014, but will always be Alicia’s forever friend. Outside of the hospital environment, Alicia enjoys playing soccer and watching movie marathons.

Jessica, Receptionist & Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Jessica Garza loves serving the local pet community at AM/PM Animal Hospital. Most of all, she finds fulfillment in building meaningful relationships with clients and their pets. They become family.

If Jessica had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of her life it would be Asian cuisine. But, you can’t beat Texas Roadhouse as a personal favorite. Jessica is also a regular at the gym and volunteers her time dog walking for Skipper. You might also find her doing DIY crafts and handmaking jewelry.

Pepper, a terrier, was Jessica’s first forever friend. Today, she has a Rat Terrier named Harlem, a Whippet named Homer, and a Toy Poodle named London. Jessica also shares a home with her boyfriend and two sons.

Evelyne, Receptionist

When you think about giraffes, imagine how lovely it would be to reach all of the top shelves around you. That’s how we feel about our resident tall drink of water, Evelyne.

One of the coolest gals we know, she has travels and experiences that most of us only dream of. We don’t know too many people who travel to France and are trained as a pastry chef (and, yes, her handmade cheese biscuits are totally to die for.)

A stickler for the details and an ease with handling a range of different scenarios, you want her on your side to help guide you through—fellow employees and clients alike. She came to AM/PM Animal Hospital in 2014 then returned to Pennsylvania to be near family and finish school, only to return to our practice in 2016. With a long stride and a cool head, she’ll get your information where it needs to go quickly and accurately.

Evelyne may not own any pets herself (yet), but her favorite breeds are Chartreux and Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Plus, she definitely gets her fair share of cuddles and pets being up front to greet all the babies that come in the front door, not to mention the staff’s pets.

And let’s just say that her hair kind of has its own attitude… sassy. She grew up in Pittsburgh, loves Indian and French food (it’s a tie), loves the movie “Alien” (solid choice), and volunteers for AIDS Services of Austin and Central Texas Food Bank.

Christina, Receptionist

Christina grew up in New Jersey before returning to her roots in Austin, Texas. Since joining the team at AM/PM Animal Hospital, Christina has found the emergency hospital setting invigorating. She comes to work everyday eager to see new cases and learn something new. For Christina, it’s all about the excitement of the unknown. Along with Christina’s exceptional communication and people skills, she is a fantastic photographer and great dental assistant.

Christina’s first pet was a Labrador mix named Toby. Presently, she has a Labrador mix named Piper and an Italian Greyhound mix named Leo. It should come as no surprise that Labrador and Greyhound are her favorite breeds!

Some of Christina’s favorite things include art, photography, animals, travel, music, movies, family gatherings, nightlife, and barbecues. She is also a die-hard sushi lover and is always game to visit Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen.