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Animal & Pet Boarding **Temporarily Unavailable**

Many pet owners are concerned about their pets’ care when planning a trip. Because your pets are members of your family, you want to know they are comfortable and safe at all times. Some pet owners try to find a neighbor or family member to watch their pet, but these well-meaning individuals may not be equipped in case of an emergency, or available 24 hours a day.

Our Boarding Services **Temporarily Unavailable**

Leaving your pets with trained animal-care professionals at a veterinary clinic is a great option for alleviating stress, for both you and your pet! If your pet has a medical condition such as diabetes or a behavioral issue such as anxiety, entrusting their care to a veterinary hospital can be even more crucial.

If you have a dog, your pet’s daily activities will include supervised exercise in our yard. To ensure the safety of all pets boarding with us, pets will not be permitted to interact with other pets during exercise time. Dogs will be provided with at least 4 walks each day, or at least one walk every six hours.

We have Royal Canin LF (low fat) dry food available, which is designed to avoid digestive upset. However, if your pet eats a different pet food brand at home, we encourage you to bring enough for their entire stay. Changes in diet can cause gastric distress in some animals. 

To prevent the spread of disease, we must insist that pets are vaccinated prior to boarding. If your pet has received vaccinations at a different veterinary clinic, please remember to have medical records faxed or shared with us before check-in. This rule is very important, because it keeps the animals we care for safe and healthy. Before endangering any other boarders, we reserve the right to refuse animals who do not have proof of vaccination.

Vaccinations required for boarding dogs include:

  • Rabies
  • DHPP
  • Bordatella
  • Influenza

Vaccinations required for boarding cats include:

  • Rabies

Before your next business trip or vacation, please feel encouraged to make a boarding reservation for your pet at AM/PM Animal Hospital, where they can be cared for in a loving and professional environment.


At AM/PM Animal Hospital, we offer top-of-the-line boarding services at reasonable rates:

  • Cats: $32/day
  • Dogs < 70 pounds: $37/day
  • Dogs > 70 pounds: $48/day
  • Administering Medicine: $10/day
  • Insulin Administration Free (for our Diabetic boarders): $16.80/day

Special Needs Boarding

AM/PM Animal Hospital is happy to provide boarding for geriatric boarders, diabetics, seizure patients, and pets that need round the clock medications. Please note that we require an exam prior to boarding to ensure that all concerns are being addressed, medications are discussed, and all necessary care is being provided to their pet.

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