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Pet Health Certificate for International Travel in Austin, TX

The best advice we can give pet owners planning to travel with their pets is to be proactive. Avoid additional stress as your trip nears closer by planning well in advance. At AM/PM Animal Hospital, our doctors are certified to provide necessary certificates of veterinary inspections for interstate and international travel. For complete preparedness, review specific USDA regulations for each state or country you will be visiting and/or traveling through.

What Is A Pet Travel Certificate?

AM/PM Animal Hospital - Pet Travel Certificates

A pet travel certificate is a document from a vet saying your pet is healthy and meets travel requirements. Certificates are important for traveling with your pet, whether by car or plane. They help make the journey easier for both of you. Hence, prior to finalizing your pet's health certificate, we need to confirm the following about your pet:

  • Fit enough for journey
  • Not infested with parasites
  • Older than 8 weeks
  • Free from any diseases
  • Properly immunized

If you are planning on scheduling an appointment with us for a health certificate, please fill out this form.

When Should You Start Preparing For Pet Travel?

Getting ready for pet travel, both nationally and internationally, requires careful planning. Consider factors like rabies titers, which may need extra time for planning and testing. Here's a general guideline for when you should start preparing for both national and international pet travel.

National Pet Travel

Domestic Travel Requirements:

  • Start getting ready for your trip within 1-2 months before you leave. Check the USDA Pet-Travel website to find out how much time you need to prepare.
  • Research and understand any specific requirements or regulations imposed by airlines, hotels, or your destination.

Health Check and Vaccinations:

  • Schedule a travel consultation with us no less than 4-6 weeks before travel for a thorough health check.
  • Ensure your pet's vaccinations are up-to-date, and discuss any additional preventive measures recommended for your specific destination. You can schedule by booking online or calling 512-448-2676.

Travel Arrangements:

  • Make necessary travel arrangements, including selecting a pet-friendly mode of transportation and accommodations.
  • Ensure that your pet is comfortable with carriers or crates well in advance.


  • While national travel may not require elaborate documentation, having your pet's medical records, identification tags, and a recent photograph can be helpful in case of emergencies.

International Pet Travel

Research Destination Requirements:

Begin researching the rules for bringing pets into a specific country on the USDA Pet-Travel website. Do this 3-6 months before your trip. Some countries, such as Hawaii, England, Australia, and New Zealand, require rabies tests. Be aware that the process may take longer for these countries. It may take longer for countries like Hawaii, England, Australia, and New Zealand that require rabies tests. Different countries have varying regulations, including quarantine periods, specific vaccinations, blood tests and microchipping.

Visit the Veterinarian Early:

Book an appointment with Dr. Lisa Pocernich 2-3 months before your trip abroad by calling 512-448-2676 or booking online.

Some countries need certain tests or treatments for pets before travel. Visit the USDA Pet-Travel website to see when you need to do these tasks.

Pet Travel Checklist

Step 1:

  • Visit the USDA's Pet Travel Website to select how your pet is traveling
  • If you’re taking a pet from the U.S. to another country (Export): Select your destination via the dropdown menu. From here, you will receive details about the country's animal travel requirements.
  • If you’re taking a pet from one U.S. State/Territory to another (Interstate): Select the "State Agriculture Departments" website link to select your destination state

Helpful tip: Print the page(s) and/or make detailed record of all the vaccines, tests, and medications your pet will need to travel.

Step 2:

  • Check if your destination needs a special health certificate or if they accept the USDA's APHIS Form 7001.

Step 3:

  • Confirm if your pet has a microchip implanted (recommended for pets traveling or not). Some places need a Microchip for your pet. Our team can put in the chip and help with registering it.

Step 4:

  • Fill out our disclaimer regarding the process of getting an International Health Certificate here.

Step 5:

Once you have completed your list, schedule a consultation for your pet's health while traveling across states or countries. You can do this by calling or booking online.

  • For international pet travel consultations, please select Dr. Lisa Pocernich
  • Be sure to bring your checklist and any country-specific paperwork at the time of your consultation

Step 6: In your meeting, we'll make a plan that covers all health and paperwork needs.

Ensuring your pet's journey is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible is our goal. Contact us now to book an appointment and get ready for your next adventures with your furry friend. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call us at 512-448-2676.

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