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With diagnostic care, we're looking to determine (diagnose) and treat a health issue. It may involve a specific symptom or group of symptoms, or risk factors that have popped up. We do this using labs and other testing modalities, all available in-house for quick analysis and planning.


AM/PM Animal Hospital - Pet X-Rays

X-Rays, also known as radiographs, allow veterinary professionals to see the inner workings of your pet’s musculoskeletal system, heart, lungs, and other internal organs. One of the amazing benefits of x-ray technology is that the process is completely safe and noninvasive. We simply project x-ray waves towards the body of your pet, and capture an image of the waves’ distribution through the body. Trained radiographers can then interpret the resulting photograph. This tool can help your veterinarian make informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment.

AM/PM Animal Hospital goes a step beyond typical x-ray technology to service our clients with digital x-ray technology.

  • Digital X-rays are more convenient because they can be taken faster. Your pet will be exposed to less radiation, and we don’t have to worry about keeping them still for as long!
  • Digital x-rays can also be stored easily to a computer, and electronically mailed in seconds to specialists if necessary.
  • The resulting image quality of digital x-ray compared to film is also superior. This allows our team to receive higher quality information about your pet’s bodily systems.


Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that assists veterinary professionals in seeing the inner workings of the body. This form of radiography can provide different information than x-rays, because ultrasounds utilize sounds waves instead of x-ray waves to create images. Ultrasounds are useful for gathering information about certain areas of the body, such as soft tissues and moving components of internal structures, because they can capture moving images.

Ultrasounds are helpful for diagnosing or investigating conditions such as foreign body ingestion, abdominal masses, intestinal disorders, cancer, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, and more.

The technique for gathering ultrasounds is non-invasive and pain-free. Your pet can be awake and alert the entire time. We simply lay them down so the area which we are analyzing is accessible, and talk quietly to them to help them keep still while taking the reading. For some complex conditions, it may be necessary for us to call in a trained veterinary (DVM) specialist who can expertly and confidently analyze the results.


We work with Mettasound, which is a mobile ultrasound company that works directly with small animal veterinary clinics. They use a professional sonographer that obtains several images that are then read by board certified cardiologists, radiologists, & internists. This service aides in continuity of care for the pet by working directly with us, as their regular veterinarian. To find out more information about Mettasound and what they do, visit their website.


This is another service that allows our patients access to a board-certified internist, by bringing them to us! Ultrasound services are performed by the internist & then recommendations are made directly to one of our doctors. This continues to strengthen continuity of care for our patients from presentation through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery or ongoing care. It reduces stress for your pet, by allowing them to stay someplace that they are familiar with, without having to go to a different hospital.

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In-House Laboratory

AM/PM Animal Hospital - In House Laboratory

At AM/PM Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to providing accurate, timely, and technologically-advanced diagnostic services. In order to deliver these services to you, we have our own in-house laboratory for routine testing.

When your pet is sick, the faster a diagnosis is determined, the faster they can receive treatment. Other veterinary facilities without the added benefit of an in-house lab may have to take the extra time to ship samples for testing, wait until the receiving laboratory has completed the analysis, and then receive the results. At AM/PM Animal Hospital, we have streamlined this process by having a diagnostic laboratory at our fingertips. Some routine tests may be interpreted in as little as 15 minutes! For more time-consuming tests, we will typically give you a call the next day to share the results.

In addition to speed, having our own laboratory services allows us to have full quality control, because even more important than speed is the accuracy of the results. We trust our staff to deliver the best diagnosis possible because they have been expertly trained and possess extensive experience.

Here are some of the services which we can provide through our in-house laboratory:

Complete blood count (CBC) is one of the most common blood tests issued in veterinary medicine. It can provide a wealth of information about your pet’s health because it informs us of the levels of cell types in the blood. This can be helpful for diagnosing conditions such as anemia, infection, inflammation, and more.

Blood chemistry profiles are another common set of tests, which work together to achieve a depiction of different chemical aspects within your pet’s blood as well as your pet’s liver values. It can help to diagnose issues such as diabetes or kidney dysfunction.

Electrolyte levels measure the levels of electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and phosphorus for insight into issues such as dehydration and metabolism. Electrolytes are vital salts needed for organ function. 

Urinalysis is used to measure the function of the urinary tract and kidneys. For older cats, who often have disorders of the kidneys, this test is considered routine. Urinalysis can also be a helpful tool for diagnosing and/or monitoring diabetes.

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