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Full Service Vet Clinic

AM/PM Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility! That means we've got you covered from littlest pups and kittens, to those in their golden years. We're here for all the wellness visits, taking a look over and updating vaccinations, and sharing how you can be the best pet parent ever. We'll help figure out problems when things just aren't right. We can provide the ever-important spay and neuter surgeries (and microchips, too!), along with more intensive operations to help heal or correct issues that may arise. Plus, we can clean up those teeth and help maintain good oral and overall health.

Preventative Care

AM/PM Animal Hospital has your pet's preventive care covered! We keep an eye on your friend's health status with annual examinations, and we keep away those nasty, preventable illnesses with vaccinations and parasite control.

Like many of us, our companions may indulge a little too much. Food portions and quality might not always be up to par (we know, it's hard with those "looks" coming at us). But, that's why we're ready to talk about and implement nutrition and weight management plans!

Since collars and tags may not be worn, or fall off, we can also provide a properly implanted, registered, and up-to-date microchip to help the finder of your lost friend reunite you!

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Diagnostic Care

With diagnostic care, we're looking to determine (diagnose) and treat a health issue. It may involve a specific symptom or group of symptoms, or risk factors that have popped up. We do this using labs and other testing modalities, all available in-house for quick analysis and planning.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

Surgery: the word can sound scary, but it can save lives, or dramatically improve your friend's quality and length of life. From spays and neuter surgeries, which can prevent unwanted litters and the occurrence of certain reproductive cancers, to general surgery, which may treat conditions and halt the spread of disease, surgical procedures are planned and carried out with the utmost care. Once your pet is on the other side of surgery, pain management is a priority not only for the comfort he/she deserves, but also helps with healing process.

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Pet Dental Services

Raise your paw if you brush your teeth every day! Oh, doesn't look like there's a lot of you practicing good dental hygiene! We know teeth brushing can be a challenging task for everyone, pets and their parents. And since oral health can directly affect overall health (and daily comfort), this is why AM/PM Animal Hospital's dentistry service is so very important for your friend!

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens! You're bringing wild and delicate little toddlers into your home, and just like with human toddlers, these little chaps need wellness checks, vaccinations, age-specific food, and activities, patience and kindness to keep their energies and spirits safely focused as they learn the ropes of becoming a dog and cat. Grab a book that covers not only their physical needs, but also behavior, body language and vocal cues, so you can be the best pet parent ever!

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Senior Pet Care

Although we may wish our pets’ life spans could mirror our own, their lives compared to ours are short and sweet. Some large breed dogs are considered seniors as early as the age of seven. Cats typically enter their senior years around the age of nine. By the time they are in the double-digits, both dogs and cats are always considered geriatric. And with age, your pet’s energy levels and immune systems will slow down.

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Located in the South Lamar neighborhood in South Austin. Directly off of US-290 between Bluebonnet and Oltorf.

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